Easy Installation Time and Multiple Fresnel Lenses at Different Levels make this indoor security device efficient and attractive

All aspects are better The most recent RZO motion activated ceiling sensors are more sleek and more sophisticated, as well as smarter, and much more effective than the predecessors. They are designed to meet your unique ceiling motion needs while remaining aesthetically-appealing. The RZO 13500 sensor series is designed with an exact-tuned sensitivities which allow it to detect any motion. It can be activated by pressing the button. With a slimmer design, a better power supply and a longer duration, the new RZO models are more efficient than they have ever been.
RZO occupancy detection technology employs two interchangeable Fresnel lens that work in tandem to quickly monitor low-level light movement. With simple installation and simple operation the RZO occupancy sensor is able to monitor up to fourteen feet (Approximately) with an maximum detection range of four feet (Included). Through an intuitive control panel users can quickly identify which areas of the room can be used for detection of motion using convenient illumination options. These detectors are able to be used in both the night and day light conditions. They are excellent for protecting valuable property and preventing illegal actions.
The RZO light sensor, as all DSC multi-function devices, has an intuitive interface. Its RZO Sensitive floor light sensor is made with a high-water-polymeric coating that extends battery life. It features an easy-to-follow LCD panel and buttons. This manufacturer offers compatibility with a wide range of home and business lighting fixtures like desk lamps, overhead lights and chandeliers. It also has spotlights, chandeliers floor globes, table lamps and ceiling fans, as well as floodlights. The most appealing aspect is that the unit is compatible with every home security system, or business security system. occupancy sensors sealing motion sensor's battery backup option is the most effective feature. It lets you conserve energy even when there is no power.
The Erynites Ceiling Motion Sensor is perfect for use in both residential and industrial settings. It is ideal for warehouse settings as well as for a security perimeter around your building The Erynite 360-degree Light Emitting Diode sensor works on the two-foot standard. This efficient floor light sensor has a range up to nine feet. It is ideal for areas that are highly visible, such as casinos, hospitals as well as schools and office buildings. The Erynites ceiling motion sensor utilizes sophisticated sensing technology that detects movement and emits an intense, high-energy light when it is detected. To protect yourself The Erynite also comes with a low battery indicator for simple battery replacement with a low battery indicator light that easily turns off upon removal of the battery and a low battery backup option to use in situations where the power goes out.
This brand has two major categories of indoor lighting sensors including passive infrared and PIR. Both have the same 2-foot width range of scanning, but the passive infrared technology has the advantage of a longer time between alerts. The PIR sensor is able to detect faster motions, however it will not activate if it is too fast. The passive infrared sensor is simple to install on walls, ceilings or any other space in your office or home. The PIR ceiling motion sensor is well-known because of its small size, lightweight design, and long delay time.

The Erynite 360-degree LED sensor one of the numerous unique features offered by the brand Erynite. Erynite also provides a multi-level Fresnel lens. The multi-level Fresnel lenses work at different heights, depending on the sensor's height to detect movement on multiple levels. This makes it easy to separate certain rooms in your home or business without having to run the vacuuming machine and replacing floors when there is an excessive amount of dirt particles in a particular area of your office or home. Utilizing motion sensor switch like the Erynite Floors Sensor and SmartSense technology, customers can rest at ease knowing that their homes and offices are safe from unwanted intruders.

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